Bio: Sara Fusco

Hello everyone.  I’m one of the TA’s for the class this semester, and I look forward to working with all of you!

To tell you a little about me, I usually like to say that I’m a jack of all trades, master of. . . fill in the blank?  As I work toward finishing my degree here at the New School, I’m also freelancing as a videographer, editor, producer and non-profit communications strategist / project manager.

I’m largely interested in non-fiction filmmaking, and hope to continue to focus on storytelling projects in the international human rights and humanitarian affairs arena.  And more and more, I find myself interested in doing this storytelling through emerging digital media (like the Highrise Project).

Originally from upstate New York, I completed my undergraduate degree in political science a few years ago in Pittsburgh. I skipped around Washington, DC, for a while, working at a legal aid NGO doing fundraising, marketing, graphic design, and event planning (essentially whatever I could get my hands into). I then worked at a refugee advocacy NGO, where I focused on online outreach, fundraising, communications strategy, web development, and video production. I was able to travel twice to Syria, Lebanon and Jordan for video projects on Iraqi refugees, and this is where I finally began to realize my focus and passion for storytelling.

Recently, I’ve worked on two video projects — one on technology and innovation in Uganda, and the other on South Sudan’s independence.  Here’s a short, rush edit I did on the eve of independence in Juba, South Sudan (with my bootleg headlamp as my only light).  This was one of the most exciting things I’ve ever had the good fortune to witness:

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