Event: SOPA Teach-In

Thought some of you may be interested in this:

January 31, 12-1pm
Open to the public.

The New School, 66 5th Ave 101

with Michelle Bogre, David Carroll, Trebor Scholz, and Wendy S. Walters

On January 18th, Google, the English version of Wikipedia, Reddit, the Internet Archive and 7000 smaller websites “went dark” in protest against the proposed Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA). Without any significant public discussion, SOPA would hold websites liable for all user-posted content, which pose serious competition to the media entertainment complex. While SOPA and PIPA are not likely to come up for a vote, they are but the latest two attempts to enact legislation that would halt our ability to share with one another. The objective is to rise the cost of copyright compliance by suggesting the removal of infringing sides from the domain name system, which would not even be an effective way of stopping copyright infringement. Signed into law, SOPA would prohibit search engines from linking to infringing websites and block anybody from conducting business with those sites.

If you want to continue to produce and share files online, and learn what is an acceptable and legal use of copyrighted music and film, come to this teach-in. It will offer a brief context of the history of previous copyright battles, from the VCR to the MP3 player and various more recent attempts to break the Internet. Let’s discuss the difference between legal and illegal file sharing and why we should say ‘no’ to SOPA.

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