Bio: Katie Edmonds

One version of my bio is available on my WordPress profile.

More about me is also available on my new and recently underused website

For purposes of this class I’ll say…

Geography: I grew up in California. Seasons and weather are something my parents talked about growing up. Now I live in Brooklyn, about a mile from where my grandparents and great grandparents were born and raised.

Education: I have a degree from UC Berkeley in Political Science, and wrote my thesis on Marx and third wave feminist theory. I spent a lot of time in the anthropology and art departments, and produced experimental films and doc shorts, some of which are in the archives there.

Work experience: In college I worked for a long time in a residential treatment facility for the mentally disabled. After that I did more work in direct social advocacy with teen mothers, community education, criminal justice, disability advocacy. I worked with some local indi film makers after graduation, then moved on to games because that’s where I could get a job. Now I’m a new media producer. At my current position I’m taking on jr exec level operations at a boutique agency that makes games for corporate clients.

Interests: I really want to get some practical design training while I’m in this program. This semester I’m in a class in the writing program where a team of MFA poetry student and I will work with Irwin Chen to design interactive media intended to archive John Ashbery’s life and work.

As I said in class I’m also developing a thesis on transdisciplinary working groups, and the role of media experts in that kind of setting. This semester I’ll be establishing the methodology of my research, which will be informed by the work we do together. If I get meta on you, this is why!

So that’s me, or, that’s what I think might be useful to know about me.

I was so impressed when we introduced ourselves at the first class meeting. You’re an impressive group. It’s going to be an awesome semester.

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I work as a digital media producer, am pursuing a masters in Media Studies at The New School, ride bicycles and mopeds, listen to lots of music, and maintain an unreasonably large book collection for the size of my Brooklyn apartment. Right now I'm developing research on teams of experts who come together to solve problems and create things. I'm interested in games, integrating multimedia in to unexpected aspects of life, and learning to do as many new things as possible.


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2 Comments on “Bio: Katie Edmonds”

  1. laragheintz
    January 31, 2012 at 1:33 pm #

    Oh man you’ll have to keep us updated on the John Ashbury Project- this was something i wanted to do but didnt find out about it until too late (snap). Sounds awesome!

  2. January 31, 2012 at 4:59 pm #

    Is it for sure too late to join?
    I’m the only media studies student. The rest are poets. I’d be grateful if you could join.
    It’s a 0 credit class, so you won’t have to spend units on the class.
    If you are available thursdays 8-10, contact Irwin Chen at his school email address and let him know you’re interested.

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