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Yikes! Hi, I’m Noah, and it’s an honor to be among such actively interesting folk. About myself? Well, I grew up in California with a single, disabled mother and my own retinal tumor claiming vision from my left eye, my best friend was diagnosed with Leukemia when we were 14, and I moved to New York when I was 18 to study at Eugene Lang. By that time I somehow managed to run a few marathons, spend time in Colorado and North Carolina as part of a collective teaching literacy through movement [imagine a combination of Augusto Boal and Merleau-Ponty] in low-income neighborhoods, attend enough anti-Bush rallies to know the sting of tear gas, and participate in nurturing today’s Los Angeles DIY / DIT scene through unintentional intersections of the arts subverting architecture. Speaking honestly it was not until stepping foot into the New School that academics made any sense to me, and it was not until the last couple of years that I have been able to begin to comprehend my inherent passions for art as a social practice or the potential for positive transformation in the critical mass of communities.

At the start of 2008 I built a website called the FMLY with my friends out of my dorm room. It was meant to become a thread between my friends and I as we explore the world individually, posting our own creative endeavors and inspirations. It still is, only what was originally barely a dozen friends has now grown to members in the thousands and observers in the millions, and the idealism that I share for positive social change is a spark that I’ve found not only across the country but throughout our entire globe. Those who were strangers soon became friends, and what began as a friendship bracelet soon became a group hug. Today FMLY is active in over a dozen countries and I feel as though I am participating in the manifestation of a collective re-imagining of society, and whether it be through a conversation or one of our various ongoing projects I know that I am not alone in this realist positivity.

Embedded within the cracks of these overarching life themes is my love for sound, music, noise, and general meditations on what it all means. I’ve kept an audio journal since I was fifteen of various field recordings, samples, and songs that have developed their own distinct chapters within my life [most recently], and over the last four years I’ve become pretty addicted to the phenomenon of live performance. I’ve been invited to festivals throughout Europe and the United States, and through this catharsis have had the chance to meet and collaborate with lifetime heroes sprinkled among some of the greatest folks I’ve ever known. Music, for me, is a chance to unite a group of people who rally for a common cause, it is an opportunity to create social, political, or environmental threads where none had previously been accessible. Adopting my own means of participatory performance I hope to reveal at least one simple myth, and that is that we all have the “power” and “authority” to make anything possible, that humanity exists on a collaborative plane

It is through an obsession with making sounds and weak knees for social responsibility that I find myself enrolled in Civic Media & Tactical Design. At the same time I am also co-facilitating a long-term festival workshop throughout Bushwick, Brooklyn that overlaps with the philosophies of this course to a gorgeous degree. In our time together I hope to discover more about myself, the context of my passions in the world around me, and how to meaningfully share these ideas with a general public. I’m a blank canvas with favorite colors, and looking forward to experiencing our strokes with an open mind, open heart, and open ears.

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