Bio: Steve Brown

I’m from London and my undergraduate degree was in Government & History from the London School of Economics. At that time I first got involved in political activism, particularly around the miner’s strike. There is a piece by an artist called Jeremy Deller called the Battle of Orgreave, which has both a strong personal resonance for me and also encapsulates some important aspects of what I think about tactical media. The piece consists of a staged recreation of a key confrontation during the strike for which he recruited ex-miners and police (some of whom swapped roles), exploring ideas of social history as art, themes of folk memory and manages to be politically provocative without being straightforwardly polemic.

I started out my career working on small diy publishing startup called When Saturday Comes that came out of fanzine culture and became a successful magazine (about soccer but the antithesis of a glossy sports magazine) and after that I worked for a number of years in a company that produced educational support materials to accompany TV & radio broadcasts. From there I moved into digital media, spent a number of years at the BBC and most recently working for UK mobile company Orange, where I managed a multi-disciplinary team working with different mobile technologies to develop a range of products & service from mobile web, apps, social media, communication tools, entertainment services as well as some innovative new services such as mobile money.

I am passionate about lifelong learning and while working at Orange had the opportunity to work with a friend who teaches at the London College of Communications (on a project mentoring Design undergraduates to help them gain industry experience). That experience in part prompted me to make the decision to take a career break to return to school to study for my MA.

I’m particularly interested in new media and learning, both in terms of formal education as well as the wider sense of civic participation and the ways in which the demarcation between institutionalised and de-institutionalised learning appears to be increasingly breaking down. It’s my aim to use my time at the New School to take my media and business experience to transition from working within a corporate environment to a social enterprise.

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