Biography : LG

Hello, my name is Laila. I was born in Cairo, Egypt to an Egyptian father and Turkish mother. My name means night in Arabic, which I believe is  fitting to my personality.

I completed my undergraduate studies in International Relations and Communications two years ago in Miami, and moved to New York a couple months ago. Prior to that I had been studying culinary arts in Paris. After college I was employed by the Food Network as an editorial contributor to various Food Network websites. I continue to write for them while in NY.

My interest range from food, and gardening to philosophies of education, specifically the works of Dewey and Freire. During my time at the New School (and beyond), I plan to investigate the nature of the term “progressive,” with relation to media, both historically and as a political concept. I am interested specifically in the notion of “likemindedness” in audiences as groups who are willing to listen, and how one can succesfully break down the constructed barrier and transmit messages to those less keen on reception.

In case you’re wondering, my WordPress name, “droite saucisson” is a play on words on the French term “gauche caviar,” a pejorative term used to describe those claiming to subscribe to socialist ideologies when their way of life contradicts socialist values. Literally speaking, “gauche” means left, so the expression is”left caviar.” My adaptation means “right sausage.”

I sincerely look forward to getting to know, and working with all of you.


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