Overview of Activist Technology Demo Day

This weekend along with other classmates from Nitin Sawhney’s course Civic Media + Tactical Design in Contested Spaces, I visited Activist Technology Demo Day hosted at Eyebeam in conjunction with The Public School New York.
Below you can view a video overview of the projects in Eyebeam.

The following order indicates where the projects were located in the space visible in the above YouTube video.

Vibe “Share thoughts – with the ‘crowd’ around.” Hazem Sayed, or as he responded when I asked him his name “white hat,” shared the principles of and vision for Vibe with me. Below you can view him sharing these with someone else.

OWS Power – bicycle power

Images of their flier.

Green Map

SpaceBank‘s logo plays on the logo design of Citibank. The presented project included a machine that would accept bills whose value would be deposited to the aforementioned bank in the form of virtual currency such as Bitcoin or another standard.

You can view their Infommerical below.

occupy.here – intranet dissemination
telephone booth – support alternative networks of communication
I’ve been arrested – app that alerts selected SMS numbers of the user’s arrest and posts their GPS coordinate on Google Maps.
The Guardian Project https://guardianproject.info/

Irani dance assemblage – encourages woman who use the app to pose for one frame of a dance. The total frames are then stitched together to form a movie of the dance as, according to the project’s presenters, women dancing has been forbidden in the capital Tehran.

My I
Apple Augmented reality
Occupy with Art

Image of flier.

Images of Wish Tree for Zuccotti Park of Yoko Ono, 2011.

At the close of the interactive time, a few persons spoke about their own engagement with and understanding of the projects on display. Many people voiced concerns about Facebook and Twitter occupying most of the space for online social media and community. They suggested that users who want to be politically conscious in their software choices use services such as Diaspora* and StatusNet. For those users who are not technically savvy or do not have the time to become so, it is fortunate that some of the principles behind such services are being integrated into the more popular services.

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