Tercerunquinto, a Mexico based art collective

From LatinArt.com:

Tercerunquinto carries out projects that show the links between architecture, sculpture, urbanism and public spaces. The collective was formed in Monterrey, Mexico, in 1996. Since 1998 its members consist of Julio Castro (b. Monterrey, 1976), Gabriel Cázares (b. Monterrey, Mexico, 1978), and Rolando Flores (b. Monterrey, 1975). They have produced works that question the limits between public spaces and private spaces by examining the socially defined borders that define those limits.”

I’ve seen this project exposed at La Maison Rouge in Paris a couple of years ago and I still remember it as an example of good socially engaged art intervention. The project is simple yet efficient and to the point.

The project Escultura pública en la periferia urbana de Monterrey is basically composed of a concrete slab that was poured in the middle of a Monterrey’ slum. The concret slab in the center of all the makeshift home of recycle material appears as an element of stability and strength. It was quickly reappropriated as a communal place for the neighborhood, hosting event and meeting of all sort.

I love the efficiency of the project. It is low key, simple, but strong in its reach and efficient in the ideas/debates it creates.

This initiative really reminds me of Francis Alys. I will post another blog about him later.

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