The People’s Mic, People’s Skype….. next comes Contact Skype? (Eyebeam)

At the Eyebeam activist on Saturday I ended up chatting for quite awhile with Jonathan Baldwin, a student over at Parsons A+T and the guy who developed “People’s Skype”. The project was based in calling a phone number, and then sharing your pin with people who you wanted to communicate with. What struck me about this project even though the logistics of its execution seemed like there could be some issues with it being able to be seamlessly used by a large audience (but that i guess is another question of a project’s success and not necessarily a determinant), was that is blended technology with the physical space sense of word of mouth. I’ve long been fascinated by how technology can interface with our organic surrounding, and this seemed like a very clever way to make the two interact with each other.

That being said there was a lot of “occupy” stuff at this event and this was no exception- a take on the idea of the “people’s mic” or word of mouth, but the idea of building digital networks through this idea of word of mouth through pin was quite interesting to me.

We conversed quite a bit about the idea of digital augmentation of physical communities, and I also found out he was doing work in red hook that took some of the same ideas of the “people’s skype” and was applying it to the idea of internet connections in the community. Yay contacts!

(sorry for the lack of photos, somehow i lost my memory card last week)

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