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The Line: A Demonstration for Jobs This strikes me as an interesting way to visually and spatially represent the size of those unemployed. Tue 3/6, 8am, Bowling Green to Times Square Artists and activists are coming together for The Line, a demonstration for jobs. The Line will be the world’s longest unemployment line, stretching over three miles along Broadway, from […]

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A Possible Critical Vehicle for OWS?

This past fall we saw some interesting urban screens at Occupy Wall Street in NYC. Perhaps the most memorable has been coined ‘the bat signal‘. On N17, while crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, thousands were inspired and energized by flashing text on Manhattan’s Verizon Building. Crowds cheered and chanted as cars honked in solidarity. It’s one […]

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Tonight : DIY Pamphleteering at Studio-X

Night School: Pamphleteering with Luke Bulman Tuesday, February 28, 2012, 6:30-8:30pm Studio-X NYC, 180 Varick St., Suite 1610 (map) Free and open to the public. No RSVP required. Studio-X NYC welcomes designer Luke Bulman, co-founder and director of the Baltimore- and Brooklyn-based Thumb Projects, designers of books and exhibitions for Princeton Architectural Press, Rice University School of Architecture, Archinect/Actar, […]

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Feminist Media: The Next Forty Years – Monday, March 5th

Feminist Media: The Next Forty Years! Ariel Dougherty, co-founder of Women Make Movies, will discuss WMM’s aesthetic and educational roots and identify the serious dilemmas confronting gender centered media today. Can we create a just and inclusive media culture? With forty years of experience working for feminist media under her belt, Dougherty says we can–and […]

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Multi-media artist Allan deSouza talks

The Committee on Globalization and Social Change Present Allan deSouza Coffee-Colored People (By The Score) Monday, March 5th, 2012 | 4.30 – 6.30 pm The Skylight Conference Room (No. 9100) The CUNY Graduate Center 365 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10016 Free and open to the public Titled after the lyrics of a 1969 Blue Mink […]

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Blinks and Buttons Here’s a nice visualization from the processing site about the ideas von Busch mentions about Donna Haraway’s “diffraction” and the general prism principle.

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Otto von Busch on hacking design :: video

I came across this short lecture by Otto von Busch about hacking design. It’s mainly focused on fashion, but touches interesting ideas about crafts, DIY and social change… I think the metaphor of fashion may be applied to any other field of design.

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Wodiczko Impressions

I was deeply inspired by Wodiczko’s work. I think art often alienates people when it is confined to the gallery space, in such a sense, there is a selection effect where people who are already comfortable in that gallery environment will be the only one’s exposed to the work. He brings his work to public […]

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:: event :: silent barn public meeting ::

With regards to underground arts, whether they be performance, game, zine, mural, or scientifically based, The Silent Barn was a global darling. Opened in 2004 and previously located in Ridgewood, Queens, off of the Myrtle-Wyckoff stop the Silent Barn became a grandfather to the re-emergence of like minded spaces throughout Brooklyn and a quintessential model […]

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:: curiosities into action ::

Oh so briefly do I feel the need to drop some public praise for how much I enjoyed reading this week’s articles [primarily] from Otto Von Busch. His approach to contextualizing do it yourself and do it together communities within global history is empirically inspiring, and provides a perspective of which is ahead-of-the-curve relevant. I […]

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Reflections on Krzysztof Wodiczko’s projections

Aside from his critical vehicles, for which he employs “his practice known as Interrogative Design combining art and technology as a critical design practice in order to highlight marginal social communities and add legitimacy to cultural issues that are often given little design attention”[1] , Wodiczko makes use of cities’ monuments. After choosing the monuments […]

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Stop #OWS Suppression

This might be interesting to some of you; thought I’d share.  

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Feeding the Soul with Homemade Bread

Yesterday I attended Nadezhda Savova’s bread-making workshop at MIMA Brooklyn. We spent the evening connecting with one another while making bread and music. It was an incredible experience that I would recommend to everyone! Here is short video of the night by Christoph Geiseler:  <p><a href=”″>A MIMA Minute with Nadezhda Savova making bread and samba […]

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possible Arduino project: Einstein on the Beach

I received the following from the listserv nonsensenyc. Because we’ll be learning about Arduino, I thought that if someone takes a keen interest in it and quickly develops skills, that person might be interested in applying those skills here. Einstein on the Beach I am currently working with one of five creative teams that are […]

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Event: DIY Bio for Artists & Designers

For anyone interested in diy/civic science projects or in exploring issues of biotechnology/synthetic biology, check out this workshop. It’s organized by Genspace, which I just heard about recently and is a community biolab doing interesting citizen science work in Brooklyn. DIY Bio for Artists & Designers Wednesday, March 7 – 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM Location: […]

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Be My Satellite

I just read about this and thought I’d share this cool project that’s taking place now in LA: From their website: In the view of a satellite. . . you’re not even a pixel. BeMySatellite utilizes publicly available satellite information and turns it into a simple, daily, mission. We begin this with a simple […]

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Kurt Iveson presents Cities within the city: DIY urbanism and the right to the city

The below event might interest those who are interested in considering urban practices from a theoretical perspective with case studies presented. PCP and The Public Space Working Group hosts Kurt Iveson who will speak on a recently completed paper entitled Cities within the city: do-it-yourself urbanism and the right to the city Friday, March 2nd, 12-2pm Room […]

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Voice of the “Oppressed”

Well, this piece was very much inspired by personal experience. I don’t get to interact with a lot of internationals at the school, so I was interested to hear about their personal experiences. I wanted to hear the voice of the “oppressed” so to speak. As much as I was interested in the experiences, I […]

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EVENT: A Participatory Public Discourse on Socio-Political City Maps…February 27th.

The below post was re-posted from Shannon Mattern’s Media and Architecture class site…It certainly applies to material discussed in our class AND could add insight to the mapping projects presented in class last night.  RSVP to attend on Monday, February 27th. PANEL DISCUSSION SOCIO-POLITICAL MAPS: A PARTICIPATORY PUBLIC DISCOURSE ON THE CITY MONDAY FEB 27, […]

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Bread, Samba and Kitchen Music: Bread Houses Network EVENT!

Nadezhda Savova uses a simple breadmaking technique to create change through tactile, round table dialogue around the world… The Bread Houses Network and MIMA Brooklyn present Bread, Samba and Kitchen Music 6-8:30pm, Sunday, February 26, 2012 MIMA Academy, 124 Washington Ave, Brooklyn NY $5 fee (includes the bread-making materials and honey) Event hosted by Nadezhda Savova […]

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