Archive | February 6, 2012

El Colegio del Cuerpo (College of the Body) in Cartagena, Colombia

By Maria and Jimena
In 1997, Colombian dancer and choreographer Alvaro Restrepo, together with French dancer Marie France Delieuvin, founded El Colegio del Cuerpo (College of the Body), a dance school for children and youth from Cartagena’s poor neighborhoods that has offered them education and opportunities through contemporary dance.

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The Radical Theatre: How to Turn an Audience Against Itself

This post is cross-posted at MrLiterati (with minor revisions) When we think about civic media as a means to appeal to others through a medium, we may forget that we’re really exploring different types of mediation and not technology. The theatre is not something that immediately comes to mind (at least for me), but like any means of […]

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