hierspiel: audio drama in a contested space

This is a call for collaborators for our first assignment.

After reading Mark Cory’s Soundplay piece yesterday an idea to produce a short “radio drama” has inspired me for the current assignment. I’m thinking it would be a short audio drama (10-15 minutes) that takes either an old audio drama, portions of that Seneca sound play, or something OWS related (preferably not), and turns it into a performance that is accessed through the web on a smartphone.

Location would be an important function of the performance, hence it would be a hierspiel – awful German for a here-play. The performance of the audio piece would be influenced by the location of the listener, but also influence the listener by manipulating their perception of the environment they are in.

I would be really interested in working with classmates that are great or interested in working with audio, vocal performance, passionate about some particular contested space in the city, and/or are interested in patching together a script.


Categories: Tech Labs


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One Comment on “hierspiel: audio drama in a contested space”

  1. laragheintz
    February 14, 2012 at 1:52 pm #

    Hey Christo- I’d actually be quite interested in this….

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