Project: In search of “feminine” musical instruments

In light of Society of Spectacle, Theater of the Oppressed and the article “A la Recherche d’une Musique Feminine” in Her Noise…

Project: In search of “feminine” musical instruments

 Assumptions/starting points:

Just as linguists argue that the language is masculine-made and patriarchal and therefore,  the feminine cannot break into this realm because it is not hers; the musical instruments, at least the classical ones, mostly are designed by males, therefore, they are compatible with the male body.

-The required mastery of classical music instruments calls for education, which sets another barrier for women to engage in musical production.

-Also, social self-positioning and again education become barriers for the case of electronic musical production.

-Women are mostly familiar with dance that is “the spectacle” created along with the music, something to be looked at and enjoyed, rather than being generative, productive, transgressive.

What I propose is to create “female” musical instruments that are, first, DIY/low tech/ analogue and secondly, high tech/digital as in interactive sensory installations where dancers are producing music by the movement of their bodies, through “dancing” which is assumed to be more familiar to women, instead of basically relying on the strength of the fingers.

Here is the video of my friend trying a “mockup” musical instrument which favors the body movements, that we made this morning using available materials in my room, a rope and some nails.

For more high tech tools that can be further developed, here is an app I saw at the Talk to Me Exhibition at MoMA, “Squiggle” designed by Henry Chu.

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