Archive | February 15, 2012

Can you HEAR color?

I came across this article while browsing the bbc website. Thought I’d share with you all since we were talking about sound this week Perhaps, some inspiration as we are thinking about our audio pieces. Cheers!

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Political and physiological aspects of sound

Political aspects of sound In the above video, one of my favorite DJ/producers Theo Parrish strolls about Detroit, collecting sounds for the music and beats he makes. Considering Detroit as an example of America’s de-industrialized landscape, it’s fascinating to consider the vitality, creativity, and optimism that exists here. Physiological aspects of sound The audio highs […]

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Theater of the Oppressed Workshop (2/25-26)

Below is the email I received regarding the upcoming Theater of the Oppressed Workshop, it is a 2 day event that costs $95. If we get a group of people together perhaps we could receive a discounted rate. There are also other events happening (see the bottom of the email.) To subscribe to the mailing list click here. The Theater of […]

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