Class Notes 2/14

Thursday 10 – 12: Gallery: CUNY – Shifters

Closes February 17th, Open until 6pm

Sound Intervention Assignment due February 21st

Weekend Meet-up: Saturday, 2-4pm

Tuesday, February 21, 2001 – First half of class, sound presentations and Shannon Mattern; Second half of class – visual readings.

Harvestworks digital media arts center


Can we think of sound as an object?

• Idea of materiality of sound (we think of it as something we can consume). Every sound is an actual performance within visible and invisible space. The exploration of sound as a physical object – your body is mediating that experience. Sound is material.

• How do we break down sound into units in order to break down universal language?

• If there is regularity in some sound signals, it represents other creation.

• Sound is a form of protesting the orthodoxy of music.

• Noise vs. music – today, much wider latitude for musicians making art through sound.

• Music was very structured, but there was no formalism/ syntax around sound/ noise.

• Hitler Quote: “We never would have taken Germany, without the loudspeaker.”

• Napoleon Williams – Black Liberation Radio. Started in the 70’s – 90’s.

• 46th & 7th – Sound from vent in Times Square (Max Neuhaus)

• Sum of Days, MoMa

• Bruce Nauman – Raw Materials installation, Tate Modern


• The McGurk Effect

• Bill Fontana: Brooklyn Bridge Sound Sculpture

• UCSD Music Students: Sonorous Bench

• Janet Cardiff & George Miller: Pandemonium

• Alvin Lucier: I am Sitting in a Room (1969)

• Eric Leonardson: Spring Board (1994)

• Christina Kubisch: Electrical Walks (2003)

• New Orleans Sound Map:

• Radio Aporee:

• Annea Lockwood: A Sound Map of the Danube (2006)

• The FreeSound Project:

• Public Radio Exchange:

• Her Noise: Collection of work by women sound artists.

• Synopse – Microsoft Kinnect

• Think conceptually – sound, place, body, etc.; online description of project.

• Mauree Schafer – sound maps


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