Carrier Women of East DR Congo

More than sounds and noises I want to explore voices and discours.

The interaction of someone listening to what someone is saying is at the core of this project.

At first I wanted make a digital version of the “Tree of Secret”. Before, when you needed to share a secret, you would go and find a tree with a hole, you would whisper your deepest secret at the tree and then close the hole. Your secret would be outside you, the sounds, the words, the discours you just emitted was materialized and inside the tree, outside of your soul, thanks to sound.

The digital version of this would be an mobile app. Once in the app you would have to listen to an anonymous secret uploaded earlier before you would be able to record your own. Thanks to this process, secret would be carried by a anonymous person somewhere in the world. Once a secret is listened by someone it would be automatically deleted. The secret now lies in someone else’s mind, no need to keep it on the server. Your are relieved of this heavy load!

I still like this project but I felt it was to “poetical” and not enough “political”…

Keeping this idea of the effect of someone listening to someone else’s discours I tried to apply it to the Carrier Women project I did last year. I produced a photo serie of carrier women in East DR Congo. But I also managed to record some video and sound interview of most of them. It has not really been used since then but I really want to do something with it. So I’m applying the tree of secret principle to the carrier women’s life story I have on audio.


– Print 80 by 120 cm portraits of the carrier women:

– Each of them with a QR Code:

– Directing to a webpage:

– Each thumbnail is the sound of the woman’s life story

– Ideally, once listened entirely buy someone the sound will note be available anymore.


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