Graphic (Musical) Notation

In the course of my research into sound maps, I saw that scoudscape artist Murray Schafer works in graphic notation, and thought that would be relevant to share here.

Graphic notation is the practice of committing score to the page through graphic representation rather than with the traditional musical notes and staff. This initiates a shift of authorial autonomy from composer to performer, and subverts the authority traditional musical literacy. 

I assisted a friend of mine wile he produced a short documentary on a composer who did some work in the space. The piece demonstrates how artists can interpret scores differently, and how space, visual art and music can be engaged in a participatory way.

Watch the 20min piece here:

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I work as a digital media producer, am pursuing a masters in Media Studies at The New School, ride bicycles and mopeds, listen to lots of music, and maintain an unreasonably large book collection for the size of my Brooklyn apartment. Right now I'm developing research on teams of experts who come together to solve problems and create things. I'm interested in games, integrating multimedia in to unexpected aspects of life, and learning to do as many new things as possible.


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