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With regards to underground arts, whether they be performance, game, zine, mural, or scientifically based, The Silent Barn was a global darling. Opened in 2004 and previously located in Ridgewood, Queens, off of the Myrtle-Wyckoff stop the Silent Barn became a grandfather to the re-emergence of like minded spaces throughout Brooklyn and a quintessential model for all-ages DIY art and music culture in America. Home to Showpaper, the Party Lab, and Babycastles the space provided more than a kitchen and basement to perform in and become a center for cultural experimentation of all sorts. A few career musicians who found their start at the Silent Barn have been Deerhunter, the Dirty Projectors, Dan Deacon, Pictureplane, and Woods, G Lucas Crane [of Woods] being the live-in scientist and founder of Party Lab. Last year the Barn was robbed, destroyed, and condemned, and through the miracle of community support via Kickstarter the virtual space raised over $40,000 towards becoming a physical reality once again.

I’ve spent most of my time in New York in love with these types of spaces and the opportunities for collaboration they present to the mass public, and have specifically been hangin’ out and playing at the Silent Barn for years now. More recently I’ve taken on the responsibility of helping their public transparency of getting back on their feet, and logically we decided to have a great big public meeting slash party to introduce the projects that the Barn folk have been up to and present where we are in relation to seeing the new Barn. The night comes with a pop-up Party Lab, performance from Twin Sister, panels, and a science fair! Just thought I’d take the opportunity to introduce everyone to the space if unaware, and invite everyone to this fundraising event if you’re at all intrigued and wanting to take on an organic role within Brooklyn’s non-authoritative DIY culture.


SILENT BARN PUBLIC MEETING  <- click for fbook event and relevant info

This is the first of a series of Silent Barn PUBLIC MEETINGS; an experiment in group participation!

This is an opportunity for us to share all of our progress with you in person, and hear your thoughts. This is an opportunity to think about, talk about, and collaborate to imagine the future of DIY art culture in New York, including the some-day real new Silent Barn. This is an opportunity for you to get directly involved in many new Silent Barn projects and put your hands in with us.


If anyone is into this kinda thing I’m also co-organizing a collaborative festival called FMLY FEST for June. I’ll blog about it next week for everyone, we have public meetings every two weeks. Next one is tonight after class & if you’re interested in coming to hang out feel free to ask me about it.

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