NSA Mobility Capability Package

Having Nitin’s recent email about Leo Burd’s VoIP Drupal webinar in mind, I want to share something that I encountered via Twitter. At the following link, one can find the National Security Agency document Mobility Capability Package which “defines the first phase of the Enterprise Mobility Architecture and focuses on the architectural components of providing a Secure VoIP capability using commercial grade products.” Considering some of the parody videos Nitin shared with us on the first day of class, I thought some might be interested in perusing the document for ideas.

Personally, I find such documents interesting to read for the perspective it offers of how the NSA views the world and accordingly operates. In high school, I enjoyed reading their publications detailing how they hardened (secured) commercial grade operating systems.

Click to access Mobility_Capability_Pkg_(Version_1.1U).pdf

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One Comment on “NSA Mobility Capability Package”

  1. March 5, 2012 at 4:51 pm #

    I love the way these are written, very easy to understand and skim through. Also, all the paranoia seemingly motivating much of their concerns is well motivated – after the reality of Stuxnet, it seems pretty much anything is possible when it comes to political malfeasance of technology for covert security/intelligence aims.

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