Jeremiah’s Proposal: Audience Participation

I am pulled in two directions: mapping and an arduino/processing interactive piece. Here’s a vague idea for the latter:

Audience Participation

Building on the ideas of and combining “My Little Piece of Privacy” (the processing curtain piece) and “Chatters and Listening” (Australian Magpie Network), I imagine an interactive piece that uses interactivity with a human audience to perform for itself. In other words, that builds an inhuman audience into the piece.

1) The piece consists of several moving reactive individual objects. Like the curtain piece, the motion or sound from a human happening upon the scene is reacted to, or mimicked, shadowed, mirrored.

2) As human curiosity probes the limits of the object’s mirroring capacity, these limits are quantified such that when they are reached the piece’s other objects are triggered to react – for example, to laugh.

3) This suggests a second layer of interactivity and better represents the typical interactive situation, which often consists of a solitary participating audience member testing the reactive limits and several other audience members watching the interaction.

4) Among the group of reactive objects, the mirroring object and the audience objects change places.

5) Using microphones, verbal outbursts from the human audience are recorded and mimicked by the objects. Perhaps the mimicking object is pointed to.


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