Critical Mass and how bikes changed the way San Francisco thinks of roads

SF is in the process of redefining the success of its road system.

Five years ago, the city decided that Auto Level of Service, the means used to define how well streets are being used based on the number of cars the roads can support on a daily basis, was not a reasonable metric of success. The SF Bike Coalition has experimented with a Bike Level of Service metric.

Here’s more…


Mapping is an essential aspect of this issue, and social mapping could do a lot to open up citizen observation of how streets in SF are used.

SF has official interactive maps, managed by the city to promote tourism. 

It has a beer map. 

An emotion map.

A bike map.

What I don’t see are citizen maps.

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I work as a digital media producer, am pursuing a masters in Media Studies at The New School, ride bicycles and mopeds, listen to lots of music, and maintain an unreasonably large book collection for the size of my Brooklyn apartment. Right now I'm developing research on teams of experts who come together to solve problems and create things. I'm interested in games, integrating multimedia in to unexpected aspects of life, and learning to do as many new things as possible.


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