Call For Papers: Technoscience As Activism

I received the following from and wanted to bring it to the class’s attention as it might interest some of you with available schedules.

*The deadline for abstracts and workshop proposals has been extended to
March 31, 2012. Please distribute widely.*
Full Details and submission forms here:*

*Technoscience as Activism*

June 27-29 in Troy, NY and the RPI Campus

This conference seeks new approaches to interweaving social justice and
science/technology. Some that are already known include DIY and “maker”
communities, Open Source Science, “Technologies for Non-violent Social
Change,” and other new hybrid forms of collaboration that put technoscience
in the hands of non-experts, local communities, indigenous groups and the
less powerful. Typical approaches to “ethics in science” treat ethics as a
police officer that operates at the borders, slapping science on the wrist
when it over-steps. How can we treat ethics instead as a pro-active force,
integrated from the start? Social scientists studying scientific
controversy may know very little about the particulars of the science, and
the scientist embroiled within the controversy may not know very much about
the dynamics of communities or the relations of power between experts and
the public. This conference will highlight ways to provoke engineers,
social scientists, and the educators of future thinkers into considering
new and innovative methods of merging social and technical dimensions of
science and engineering research, teaching and practice. It will contribute
to the possibilities for a “two way bridge” across the lay/expert divide;
one in which social justice is informed by technoscience and not just
technoscience informed by social justice. To this end, we are looking for
papers and proposed panels that can discuss transformative possibilities
for every level of making science, scientists, technology, engineers, and
knowledge. Existing categories in which pertinent (and important)
discussions are taking place are, but is not limited to, K-12 STEM
education, advanced pedagogy in the natural/physical/life sciences, ethics,
public engagement/understanding of science, theoretical and social studies
on information and communication technology, political sociology of
science, Science and Technology Studies, appropriating technology, feminist
studies, emerging nanotechnology, postcolonial studies, engineering
education, urban studies, and experimental art.

Plenary Speakers: Dr. Juan Gilbert and PLOTS staff Sara Wylie, Shannon
Dosemagen, and Mathew Lippincott.

Selected Papers will be included in a special edition of PsychNology.

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