Archive | March 25, 2012

Historical Markers for New Civic Narratives

After my presentation last week, I was at something of a loss for where to go next. Reviewing the notes that were left in the collaborative Google doc, I saw RepoHistory’s Lower Manhattan Sign Project. This and the Queer Spaces signage they created reminded me of faux-historical markers I had seen online some time ago […]

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A great website: Rebel Art

Have any of you guys seen this? It’s a blog that collects examples of site specific art. Caroline’s swing is in there, which is how I found the  site. The blogger’s selections are excellent!

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Revised Proposal – Á La Carte

Aaron Dahlstrom María González Jimena Zuluaga After reviewing the feedback from last Tuesday’s class, María, Jimena and I have made several changes to our game design. Instead of the goal being to create a meal, now the goal is to stock your refrigerator. We feel that this change removes some of the stigma around what […]

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