Revised Proposal – Á La Carte

Aaron Dahlstrom
María González
Jimena Zuluaga

After reviewing the feedback from last Tuesday’s class, María, Jimena and I have made several changes to our game design. Instead of the goal being to create a meal, now the goal is to stock your refrigerator. We feel that this change removes some of the stigma around what constitutes a “balanced meal.” It also gives more opportunity for increased tensions during gameplay, as players race against each other to be the first to fully stock their refrigerator. We also incorporated an element to allow for self-production methods, which was another suggestion from the last class.

On Saturday we visited the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket to interview food producers and shoppers. We tried to question them about what their values were when it came to food and eating, and if they thought the higher prices for local or organic foods resulted in better quality. For the most part we received the answers that we expected we would — that yes, knowing where you food comes from is important, and yes, it is worth paying more to have better quality. For the next round of interviews we plan to go to a different community with a more diverse population and see how the responses are different. We will post some of the interviews on the blog after we have had a chance to edit them.

A more detailed synopsis of the game and the theory behind it can be found on the revised proposal, which is in the Zotero folder under week 8.


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