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In an dark sea of overstimulation, class oppression, corporate greed, recuperation, private public space, and mediation of relevancy, it’s a huge reason to celebrate when you happen to come across distinct communities that understand the importance of independent, collaborative action absent of monetary and authoritative structures. It is these participatory structures that will, over time, move from the fringe towards becoming the norm for how humans perceive their role in the universe. Like the old African proverb goes, if you want something done quick, do it yourself, and if you want something done right, do it together.

For the last three years FMLY has carried an annual tradition of closing our year together in Los Angeles, offering a safe space for artists, enthusiasts, and positivity-seekers worldwide to join a discussion on participatory politics and how to create temporary autonomous zones for our neighborhoods. On absolutely no budget we have hosted hundreds of performances from all over the world in spaces that no one has ever heard of, become the first DIY / DIT solar powered festival ever, connected brilliant communities with previously no knowledge of the other, teamed up with some of our favorite organizations, incidentally been responsible for the ‘discovery’ of several ‘breakthrough’ musicians of the last few years, and fortunately because of the nature of our fest [invalidating hierarchical industry systems] have continued to fly under the radar from any major coverage aside from the occasional love from an LA Times writer that ‘gets it’. This year we decided to spice things up a bit, and our festival will be held this summer solstice in Bushwick, Brooklyn… that’s where you come in.

The projects that this class has inspired are absolutely incredible, I can’t even imagine the magic that all of you make happen in real life. If you’d like to put together any kind of presentation, workshop, game, panel, and so forth that you feel is appropriate to share with a supportive, engaged global community, you have my invitation and I’d love to invite your proposals into our bi-weekly meetings. Feel free to speak to me more about this before or after class sometime, and take a peek at the video below to learn more about what we’re up to.

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2 Comments on “:: fmly fest :: open invitation ::”

  1. Piril Gunduz
    March 27, 2012 at 2:58 am #

    Noah, this is awesome! When I arrived in NY last summer, I was a bit disappointed, not being able to find large scale DIY or noncommercial parties or festivals, maybe, because of being a newcomer; all I could find was regular conventional stuff. The video looks so exciting!

    Even though it is not the same, I want to mention what I experienced in Berlin last March, while visiting a friend. On a Sunday, my friend took me to Mauerpark, a public park in Berlin and it was the best festival I attended. It was all organized by volunteers. In fact, it wasn’t even organized, they have it every Sunday!

    There are three parts to it. First, they have a flea market where people exchange and sell their clothes. Then, there is an amphitheater in the park, where everyone (300-400 people) gathers and, each time, someone takes the stage and picks a song and then everybody sings together. Also, at some point, some guys brought speakers and other equipment to play some electronic music. They even had a medium-sized open-space disco ball. It was all free, open air, and voluntary and it was the best party I can remember. No lines, no tickets, no stamps, no rude “gatekeepers.” And they do it every Sunday. (Of course, the fact that you can have alcohol in public in Germany totally adds to it.) It is one of the great things about Berlin I guess.

    • March 27, 2012 at 12:51 pm #

      hey piril! oh the flashbacks, thank you for recalling those incredible lazy sunday memories. i spent the summer of 2010 partially studying music at the free university of berlin and partially on tour promoting an album i had recently released, so for a solid eight weeks i was living in kreuzberg across the street from gorlitzer park. every sunday i’d ride my bike to the mauerpark market and watch my friends get down on that HUGE karaoke, buy a cheap instrument of some sort, and hang out on the swings at the top of that epic hill against the wall.

      i completely agree with your first statement and could go on for pages of comments about how new york “diy” tends to be quite shallow and rely on the validation of industrial systems just below surface level, but i hate to be so cynical and general. there are plenty of non-commercial and ‘real’ folks doing their thing, and they’re just a little harder to find but make this city worth it when you find your philosophies aligned.

      more decentralization!

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