Testing “Radical Questions” on campus

After our feedback session, Unathi and I, we decided to collaborate on the research part of our projects. This week, we conducted some informal video interviews on campus asking questions related to beauty and gender-power structures.  Next week, we’re planning to go to several beauty salons, where Unathi shot last week, and conduct “invisible theatre” to test the grounds. Even though at the end, each of us will have our own projects, it makes sense for us to collaborate since we share similar concerns.

Here is the video of the interviews we made on campus. I must say it was an unexpectedly great experience. Not only we had great conversations, but also, personally I’ve learnt a wide range of things such as the roots of the word “fuck” coming from “fornication under the consent of the king” (!) or the gendered nature of palms in Chinese culture! In fact, the interviewees made me realize the complex interconnectedness of various social concepts. For example, when the question was about the use of red lipstick, the interviewees were answering it by referring to a wide range of concepts spanning from color theory, or biology to Chinese rituals.

We also started a blog called “Radical Questions” in order to collect people’s radical questions. In the first 3 hours, we had 22 posts and more questions from both friends and anonymous people!

Please visit http://radicalquestions.wordpress.com/ and add your own radical questions! It will be much appreciated!

Also, you can find my revised proposal and possible road map in the Project Proposals Zotero Folder.

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