Environmental activism / intervention in Toronto


I came across Sean Martindale’s project, which reflect what Gina Badger discussed in her article, “Digging, Sowing, Tending, Harvesting (Making War-Fair).

 In her article Badger wrote that one of issues for many green guerrillas is the use of public space and that, (sometimes) “their worse offense is tending otherwise forsaken properties without permission.” Badger quotes David Harvey who wrote that , “the right to the city is far more than the individual liberty to access urban resources: it is the right to change ourselves by changing the city.”

 Sean Martindale’s project “Outside the Planter Boxes” was a collaborative project, he asked artists to highlight neglected or broken planter boxes.  He saw his project as being an urban intervention that would encourage the public to take a more active role in Toronto’s shared space.  Martindale wrote:

 “We all have stakes in our shared environments, and this public project directly engages with Toronto’s urban fabric. One of the primary intents of the Outside the Planter Boxes project is to encourage more direct participation and interest in our shared public spaces – to demonstrate that the public can play a more consciously active role in how our city is shaped.”

He’s also worked on some other interesting projects.  You can check out his website, it’s “under construction,” but you can still see his past projects.

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Author:miranda shafer

Miranda Shafer is a freelance producer for the podcast, "How Do We Fix It?" In January 2015 She graduated with a Masters in Media Studies from The New School. She has worked for WNYC as a production assistant for Selected Shorts and as a producer for the series "Talk to Me." She likes hot media and cold weather.


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