Event: The Kitchen Salon at Trade School New York, April 6, Friday + Dance Party Tonight (March 30)

Apr 6, 2012 Friday

The Kitchen Salon

12:00pm to 1:30pm

120 Essex Street
New York

Do you want outstanding hair without an outrageous price? Want to be able to pronounce all of the ingredients listed on your hair and body products? Then perhaps you should consider starting your own DIY kitchen salon. What started as a quest for healthy long natural hair has completely shifted my approach to my nutrition and expanded an already growing interest in reusing and recycling. It’s amazing how much I’ve learned about the multifaceted uses of common items that are always in my kitchen and bathroom. The more I learn the more I want to share, which is why I started a blog called The Kitchen Salon (thekitchensalon.blogspot.com). If you want to save money and look great while being healthier or more eco-friendly, check out what you can do with your own kitchen salon!

About the teacher, Pia Monique Murray

Dancer. Thinker. Choreographer. Dreamer. Educator. Administrator. Daughter. Wife. Friend. So welcome to The Kitchen Salon, my blog series on DIY hair products made from all natural ingredients, mostly items that can be found in your kitchen and bathroom. I will not claim to be the originator of the ideas, but I do put my own personal spin on every recipe I come across (cause that’s how I do… even as I kid I never followed directions too closely).

You can find more about Trade School on their website. They have a wide range of really interesting and engaging “classes”.


They are also organizing a Homecoming Dance Party, tonight, March 30:

10pm Friday @ Public Assembly
70 North 6th Street. Brooklyn, NY (Williamsburg)
$5-10 sliding scale cover, no one turned away
to benefit http://tradeschool.coop/newyork

Homecoming Dance Party

10:00pm to 2:00am

“One more dance! Hot sweaty DJ sets by DJ Nordic Traxx, DJ Lil Lil, DJ Tinseltown, and Viva’s BODYroll Crew teaching us some floor melting moves to be followed by a DANCE OFF. Winners will be amply rewarded with prizes and smoky, suggestive looks.

Trade School is a learning experiment where teachers barter with students. We place equal value on big ideas, practical skills, and experiential knowledge. We believe that everyone has something to offer, so we’re actively working to create safe spaces for people and ideas. We want more spaces made by and for the people who use them. Join us for a discussion about learning spaces and ideas for classes you want to teach or take at Trade School! ”

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