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Empire is itself the ambiguous consequence of a multitude of social struggles whose logic of self-organization is markedly different from the logic of sovereignty imagined… and it still remains necessary to articulate alternative genealogies of Empire, and indeed reclaim the concept of Empire itself.
-Soenke Zehle, Interventionist Media in Times of Crisis [p38]

I think that the medium of the observer is a fascinating role to adopt. The occupier of the ‘wrong place at the wrong time’ who must immediately decide whether they choose to witness or to ignore, to intervene or to neglect. In the case of conscious intervention, and this week’s readings which survey the use of video intervention in foreign nations, it is greater than any singular event to acknowledge that as a public we CAN transform the ‘monopoly on the narrative’ [Allen & Brown, p68] that traditional forms of media often manipulate for their networks and audience. Being said, developing an alternative platform for media sharing is only the first step. To present this decentralized space of action [WITNESS, p193] as accessible as possible is the important issue at hand, and allowing time for awareness of intention [becoming the do-er] to take shape is a tremendous impact alone. I find that this awareness is more important than the tools themselves, as awareness will become a grassroots, motivating force where the tools become a crutch.

This is a topic I’m quite new to, and look forward to sharing an original, educated opinion upon discussion. I’m much better at expressing myself through more expressive means than formal text, and recently made a video inspired by Freire’s notion of ‘background consciousness’. It begins with collected found footage of police brutality and confronts the sentiment that if as a humanity we engage in dialogue beyond oppressive empires we can share meaning and recognize a genuine existence.

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