Project Update: Remembrance

Hey everybody, just wanted to give a quick update on my project and where we stand.

I’ve gone over it with several of the students from Youth Rights Media, they’re all really positive and encouraged by this idea, and  have a few leads to pursue to get the stories we need. We discussed a title, but didn’t have very many ideas – I’m using “Remembrance” as a working title based off of one of the suggestions. I’m thinking about a pseudo-official name to use for the website/”organization” to create these – Elm City Corps of Cultural Engineers (ECCCE) was one idea. I also have some materials in already. Pictured here are the signs next to a regular piece of paper, to give you a sense of their size. I’m still trying to figure out if vinyl lettering is better than some paint solution – I’d like to use blue lettering as it looks official but there is no official use for blue lettering/white background signs in this dimension.

I also created some materials for the youth to share and introduce the topic to people who might want to participate (RememberenceFlyer), as well as a formal proposal. I may approach the New Haven Cultural Affairs Commission to see if I can get formal approval for this project, or perhaps just collaborate with other area non-profits who would be interested. At any rate, this is a revised proposal geared towards those audiences(RemembranceProposal). I’ve also submitted these to my organization for approval, so there may be some changes yet.

Finally I’m following up on a lead to get one story – if all else fails, it will be my pilot/prototype to be completed before the end of the semester.

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