Project Update: Wearable Questions

Even though I still want to organize the site-specific discussions later, for this class, I want to go with a more ‘practical’ approach now. Thanks to the feedback I received from Christo, Aaron and Sara at last week’s tech lab and from Nick Brewer, I will design “wearable questions”, an Arduino project with a screen attached to a garment like a T-shirt, that pulls and displays tweets that contain the words “why do women,” connecting the Arduino board to a wireless mobile device we already carry throughout the day.

I know there are many t-shirts with flashing LEDs or screens, but that doesn’t mean these employ a political use. What is at stake with “Wearable Questions” are:

-The notion of women’s bodies as being in the public domain

-Showing the -sometimes- contradicting nature of questions about gender split; sometimes the questions are more a reiteration of the gender split than an interrogation)

-Embodiment of tweets in public sphere

-Tweeters’ responsibilities towards cyberspace, (different nature of responsibility towards real space/cyberspace).

-Risk factor of a collaborative project

Here is a screenshot of Twitter that illustrates the complicated nature of people’s questions that involve the words “why” and “women”:


A revised version of my proposal can be found in the Zotero folder.



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