The Illuminator Project Update

I’m still bewildered as to what to call this project. Here are some updates.

Access to Equipment and Logistics

Last week I had an affinity group meeting with The Illuminator at WITNESS’ offices. The meeting informed me about upcoming events the van will be involved with. Now, I’m officially apart of the group and will take part in upcoming trainings and actions. The group is very interested in working on my project and my involvement with the group gives me an advantage in using the equipment for this project.


The following day I attended the Beautiful Trouble book launch, where I met with a lot of activist friends (and even got to hang out with Andy from the Yes Men!). I ran into a friend Michael Premo, who turns out to be part of the Housing is a Human Right organization that Alex put me in touch with after my presentation in class. Premo had a lot of info to share, but we agreed to stay in touch about it. He mentioned that the cameras were off limits in the courthouse during foreclosure auctions. Since then, Ivan and I scheduled an interview with Rachel (and possibly Premo) for April 11th (tomorrow). I’m bring audiovisual equipment so that we can use the interview to project at our event. We will be learning about the content during the interview, which makes it very difficult to construct interview questions ahead of time. I plan to keep the interview very open-ended, exploratory and conversational. My approach is that we are learning about the content in the same way that viewers will learn about it as they find the projection in public. So I plan to present the interview to Rachel and Premo as a type of, what do you want viewers to know about housing and foreclosures, and then edit from there. We’re bringing a black cloth to put behind our interviewees so that when projected at night, their figure will only appear on the projected surface, like talking heads in the real space.

Moving Forward

I plan to have a well constructed proposal after our interview, knowing that we will begin to answer questions about the content, site specificity and the how the public may contribute to intervene and make change in the target issue.

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