CD and ECD During-OWS

I thought today’s readings were especially appropriate considering the recent Sleep On Wall St. actions and arrests. Dominguez writes that “This gap between the shores of CD [Civil Disobedience] and seas of ECD [Electronic Civil Disobedience] has opened a series of re-mappings of the material relations between both event zones, which in the end are embedded within each other. Both CD and ECD meet at the contact point of the mass body of the multitude moving back and forth between ‘being-there’ and ‘being-digitally-there’.” (661) The Sleep actions are an example of civil disobedience, and I wonder if we’ll see virtual sleep-ins soon. And are virtual sleep-ins distinguishable from virtual sit-ins? Recently Anonymous has been performing DDoS attacks on government web pages, but I’m thinking of actions more closely related to OWS.

Another question that came up for me during my reading was the one of understanding where we are in relation to OWS. Dominguez’s title includes the temporal frame of post-9/11. Are we to link OWS to the couple of fall months of 2011 or are the recent actions a continuation of it? I pose this question not just for activists, but also for authorities, because I think the actions of the fall marked a point for them in which they witnessed what was possible. Now I have the sense that they are increasingly less tolerant of such actions. So in this sense, we’re living through a post-OWS world.

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