Remember Me: Municipal Memorials update

One of the sign templates, composed after our interview with Denise Cruz

Hey everybody, sorry I missed last week, but I’ve made a lot of progress on my project and hope to install our pilot later this week.

Last Wednesday, I met with several students at Youth Rights Media who were especially interested in this project – we workshopped and talked about some of the issues involved with these ideas, specifically our goals, intentions, and the way this project works. One of the students raised the important issue of exploitation, which lead to a terrific discussion about how the project needed to be for the victims and their families, rather than to promote ourselves. Also, we agreed that we should allow the families to proof everything before we installed any signs or published any materials. I gave them all sample scripts and example questions in case they wanted to think about interviewing or talking to someone they might know who would have known one of the victims.  I explained to them how I had one interview ready to go for those of them who wanted to be a part of the pilot, and we agreed to meet Friday.

When we met back up, I had a few different students, including some who had just shown up that day not knowing what was going on, but they were all willing and ready to go to our shoot. We left the office and traveled to Denise Cruz’s house, who was the aunt of Joseph Zargo, a 27 year old who had been killed December 23rd of last year. I was really pleased with the way they handled the interview – the executive director and our new program director at YRM came along, but the youth performed the interview with a minimum of direction from us. Harry, one of our youth, was especially good at delivering the questions and being sensitive as he asked Ms. Cruz about her nephew.

Afterwards, we workshoped together on the site content and the sign, talking about what was said as it was fresh in our minds. We agreed on some important points, what needed to be included and what we should leave out (for instance, we could not use any information about the ongoing investigation for legal reasons). We decided on some additional content for the site, and then called it a day. This week we’ll finalize the sign content and then make it on Friday – I will install it later that day (I chose not to involve the youth in that part for safety and legal reasons).

After our workshop, I set up the site with our basic content. It’s really rudimentary right now, but should be finalized and ready for additional content once the sign goes up.

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2 Comments on “Remember Me: Municipal Memorials update”

  1. christo
    April 24, 2012 at 8:55 am #

    Nathanael, great to see how this project has moved along! Glad to hear the interview process went well. And the sign looks good – good combination of “official looking” while conveying the message. Can you speak a bit more about how you decided upon that particular layout and what the significance of the number is?

    PS Check the website link. I think you meant not .com

    • April 24, 2012 at 11:40 am #

      Whoops! Thanks for catching the link error, you were absolutely right.

      As for the layout, I adapted it from the “R7-108 – (Hour/Minute) Parking (time limit)” signs ( I felt there was a good balance of aesthetic with space for all the relevant materials. Sorry I forgot to mention, the number represents which number out of the 34 victims the subject was – Joseph Zargo was the next to last victim in 2011, making him number 33.

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