The MANstruate March

Thank you to everyone who joined us last Saturday at The MANstruate March! It was a lot of fun! The reactions we had we’re priceless.  Throughout the this project, we have definitely learned a lot about organizing a demonstration. Special thanks to Katie and Jeremiah for filming the event.

From defunding Planned Parenthood to restricting access to contraceptive care to opposing protections for domestic violence victims, our project has attempted to address the GOP’s attacks against women and our flash mob was another step towards bringing about more awareness.

The flash mob congregated together at the W. 4th Street basketball courts at 1:30pm and around 2:00pm we descended onto Washington Square Park. We had some technical difficulties with the music we were originally going to play, but the chants we came up with ended up getting us a lot of attention. The mob had a ton of stares from bystanders on the street, with several people stopping to take our picture or film us as we marched. We also made a huge impression walking into the park and disrupting what was likely a peaceful afternoon for some.

As for now, our group is continuing to edit footage, update our social media sites, and continue to post on our website. If you haven’t visited the site, please do so at

Lastly, here is the video we put together of Men’s Interviews. Several weeks ago, we went to Washington Square Park, dressed as ourselves, and interviewed men in the park. We wanted to test their knowledge on women’s reproductive health issues and see how much of ‘experts’ they really are. We tried to get a variety of types of men to interview. We were surprised that many of them knew more than we expected and their beliefs were also very aligned with ours. Perhaps it would have been more interesting to visit a more conservative locale and interview men there. Also, some of the questions we came up with we’re slightly difficult for us to ask strangers at first but now I kind of wish we had made them squirm a little more… Nonetheless, they were all great sports for letting us interview them!

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