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Carrier Women of East DR Congo

More than sounds and noises I want to explore voices and discours. The interaction of someone listening to what someone is saying is at the core of this project. At first I wanted make a digital version of the “Tree of Secret”. Before, when you needed to share a secret, you would go and find […]

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Tercerunquinto, a Mexico based art collective

From “Tercerunquinto carries out projects that show the links between architecture, sculpture, urbanism and public spaces. The collective was formed in Monterrey, Mexico, in 1996. Since 1998 its members consist of Julio Castro (b. Monterrey, 1976), Gabriel Cázares (b. Monterrey, Mexico, 1978), and Rolando Flores (b. Monterrey, 1975). They have produced works that question the […]

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Bio: Francois Vaxelaire

I’m Belgian born, Chinatown based, sociology formed. I see the New School Media Studies program as a way to put into practice all the sociological “knowledge” I have acquired. The “Heavy Loads” project I have been working on last year is I believe a good example of the type of work I’m trying to achieve. It’s a threefold project: […]

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