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In Defense of Optical Contemplation, Representation and the Tangled Knot

“’Aesthetic form’ means the total of qualities (harmony, rhythm, contrast) which make an oeuvre a self-contained whole, with a structure and order of its own (the style). By virtue of these qualities the work of art transforms the order prevailing in reality. This transformation is ‘illusion,’ but an illusion which gives the contents represented a […]

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Food Book Fair

FOOD BOOK FAIR If you don’t already know about it, anyone doing a food related project will love this event…

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The Streets Have Eyes

“The first stage in this undertaking will be to carry over the principle of montage into history. That is, to assemble large-scale constructions out of the smallest and most precisely cut components. Indeed, to discover in the analysis of the small individual moment the crystal of the total event.” [Benjamin quoted in “Mapping the Urban […]

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Street Vendor Customer Survey

Street Vendor Customer Survey

Hi Guys,

I would be most appreciative if you could take a moment to fill out my street vendor survey.



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Jeremiah’s Proposal: Audience Participation

I am pulled in two directions: mapping and an arduino/processing interactive piece. Here’s a vague idea for the latter: Audience Participation Building on the ideas of and combining “My Little Piece of Privacy” (the processing curtain piece) and “Chatters and Listening” (Australian Magpie Network), I imagine an interactive piece that uses interactivity with a human […]

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Blinks and Buttons Here’s a nice visualization from the processing site about the ideas von Busch mentions about Donna Haraway’s “diffraction” and the general prism principle.

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All Our Ideas

I liked the exhibits in general, but I found myself gravitating towards the “All Our Ideas” booth, which offered “a suggestion box for a digital age.” A suggestion box doesn’t quite do the idea justice, however, because it implies a management that stands in authority and decides whether or not to grant requests. All Our […]

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Bio (kinda)

Hi, this is Jeremiah. This course is my first foray into civic media making and I’m excited to learn from and with what I can already tell is a highly engaged and experienced group. My background is in philosophy and literature and languages. I lived in Hamburg for 5 years as an English teacher and […]

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