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A la Carte: design process recap and final remarks

By: Aaron, Maria, Jimena Food is essential to life, yet there is an increasing amount of disconnection between people and the food they eat. We often have no idea how our food is produced, or how far it traveled to get to us. Many food is produced in harmful, unsustainable manners, for which society at […]

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One Language: A Sound Experiment

By Jimena and Maria In 1998, Jacques Derrida published Monolingualism of the Other, an interesting reflection on issues such as identity, language, citizenship, and colonialism. Derrida confessed his personal history to analyze how exclusions -as the one he faced- “come to leave their mark upon this belonging or non-belonging of language, this affiliation to language, this […]

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  Hi, this is Maria…I’m from Colombia and this is my last semester in the Media Studies program. I have an undergraduate degree in political science, and a graduate degree in cultural studies, both from Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá.  My professional career thus far has been in culture, media and politics.  I lived in Argentina for […]

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