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Case Study: Intervention

Intervention: aesthetics, collaboration, relational works. Bishop’s question: Where is the meeting ground between practice without aesthetics and the absence of aesthetic rigor in activism? Relevant textual references: “Collaborative practices are automatically perceived to be equally important artistic gestures of resistance: There can be no failed, unsuccessful, unresolved, or boring works of collaborative art because all […]

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:: hello neighbor ::

Lucky Dragons – New Homes “If the structure does not permit dialogue the structure must be changed.” –Paulo Freire Walking down Manhattan’s 6th Avenue I was turned onto a community chalkboard sprouting into a welcome embrace, this initial inspiration bearing the question “What’s Your Obsession“. Before adding my own input I stood and watched a […]

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:: protest for three cassettes ::

protest for three cassettes Protest For Three Cassettes is the introduction to a larger body of lived sound, that is, experiential sound. This form of experiential sound is produced by the audience, progresses with participation, and presents communal experiences and ideologies as nodes of access. Recorded with the use of one iPhone and two microcassettes, […]

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Project: In search of “feminine” musical instruments

In light of Society of Spectacle, Theater of the Oppressed and the article “A la Recherche d’une Musique Feminine” in Her Noise… Project: In search of “feminine” musical instruments  Assumptions/starting points: –Just as linguists argue that the language is masculine-made and patriarchal and therefore,  the feminine cannot break into this realm because it is not […]

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Materiality of Sound

In Kaffe Matthews, “Sonic Bed Laboratory Furniture, Music by Christopher Cox”- And since the scientific discoveries of Hemholtz, Hertz, Edison and Tesla we have been taught to think of sound and music no longer as immaterial forces but as vibrating matter carried along on electromagnetic currents. The body and music then, are one. All is energy and […]

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Performance Art as the medium of the oppressed

Performance art has been a preferred form of expression for female artists, since it wasn’t an already marked, already established medium by the male artists . Especially in the 60’s and 70’s with the rise of second-wave feminism, performance art has been a genre that answered to these artists’ need for a new apparatus which […]

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El Colegio del Cuerpo (College of the Body) in Cartagena, Colombia

By Maria and Jimena
In 1997, Colombian dancer and choreographer Alvaro Restrepo, together with French dancer Marie France Delieuvin, founded El Colegio del Cuerpo (College of the Body), a dance school for children and youth from Cartagena’s poor neighborhoods that has offered them education and opportunities through contemporary dance.

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The story of the Freedom Tower (from DemoDay)

“What you see here is a freedom tower”, said Isaac Wilder as we approached his stand at the DemoDay last Saturday. Then he began to tell a story that started when he and his friend were in college. “I’m from Detroit. And in Detroit there is many people that cannot afford Internet, and I was […]

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