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How to Be An Activist Filmmaker: An Interview with Chris Rogy of Witness (REPOST)

Reposted from Vice’s Motherboard It was a great pleasure to reflect on some of the work I’ve participated in and to think more broadly about the work at WITNESS. Most of you are familiar with the work already after Sam Gregory’s excellent presentation in our class. Check out this interview for a little more about […]

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4 Tips for Turning a Great Idea into a Movement

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Occupy Joins Forces With Direct Action Badasses, ACT UP

Full article here

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An Occupy Wall Street Tutorial: “How to Film a Revolution”

Hey Y’all… Just wanted to follow up on Sam’s great presentation last Tuesday with a post of mine that just went up on Global Voices, totally relevant to that conversation and about tactics for citizen journalists at Protests…. Check it out here Chris

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Government Free VJJ

This is particularly for Kelly, Miranda and Lauren, but I wanted be sure to share the humorous “Snatchel Project” with everyone: From their website ( Let’s make a uterus or VJJ for each male rep in congress!  If they have their own, they can leave ours alone! Follow these simple steps: Knit or crochet a […]

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NSA Mobility Capability Package

Having Nitin’s recent email about Leo Burd’s VoIP Drupal webinar in mind, I want to share something that I encountered via Twitter. At the following link, one can find the National Security Agency document Mobility Capability Package which “defines the first phase of the Enterprise Mobility Architecture and focuses on the architectural components of providing […]

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The Line: A Demonstration for Jobs This strikes me as an interesting way to visually and spatially represent the size of those unemployed. Tue 3/6, 8am, Bowling Green to Times Square Artists and activists are coming together for The Line, a demonstration for jobs. The Line will be the world’s longest unemployment line, stretching over three miles along Broadway, from […]

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Be My Satellite

I just read about this and thought I’d share this cool project that’s taking place now in LA: From their website: In the view of a satellite. . . you’re not even a pixel. BeMySatellite utilizes publicly available satellite information and turns it into a simple, daily, mission. We begin this with a simple […]

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Important Bulletin: You’re advised to bring your earphones and your fully charged cellphones to today’s class. Thank you for your cooperation, C de Klerk Minister of Sound END

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TNS New Challenge

Applications for New Challenge are due this Friday, February 17. Go to to learn how to apply. Please review the website carefully, as there are a few items that need to be submitted. New Challenge is a call for students of The New School who are committed to working on local and global challenges […]

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The Soldier and the Girl

Apropos our upcoming class discussion Performance as Intervention, please see this article which reports on the context of this provocative picture, allegedly depicting an IDF solider stepping on a Palestinian girl.

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A Brief Rant on the Future of Interaction Design

This isn’t necessarily “in the news”, although I suppose technically it is. in the news. i came across this article by a guy named Bret Victor who used to be a Human- Interface Inventor at Apple. While I can’t say I totally agree with his complete dismissal of the screen touch interface, I found his […]

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NY Times – Drones for Human Rights

This is a really good article on a topic we might conceive as tactical media.  

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FBI & social media monitoring

Following on from Peter’s interesting post about DARPA funding research & development of tools for ‘narrative control’, I spotted this story that the FBI has recently invited proposals to build new social media monitoring tools. Here is a summary and here’s the RFI doc. Along similar lines to the DARPA research, this appears to go […]

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DARPA’s “narrative networks” initiative

As I mentioned in class today, DARPA is getting into the management and manipulation of “narrative networks.” One can read a summary here and read the actual presolicitation DARPA-BAA-12-03 here.

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