Resource: Big Screen Plaza!

This plaza could be a really interesting opportunity to explore for students who would like to do a visual project of some sorts.  Based on faculty conversations that Nitin has been a part of, it seems like we’d be able to ask for permission to use the screen for exhibiting work:

“There are multiple possibilities of using the site for us, ranging from just submitting reels of student work for screening to a more involved scheduling of actual events (using the plaza only or the bar, which has an outdoor terrace connected to it etc.). The latter obviously would cost (we would need to get a price list). As far as I understand Parsons and SVA have used the screen for end-of-semester showcasing / events.

“Tech specs:
HD 1080i (mpeg 2 is the preferred file format) — screen can take a wide range of video ins including HDMI, DVI.

“[There is a surveillance camera above the screen that can be explored on a case-by-case basis; they can send a HD-SDI video feed of the Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera to a device located on the plaza for an event. This requires a manual patch in the control room. While they didn’t mention it — this would obviously also require the appropriate signage / permissions for capturing images of passersby]”

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